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10 Top Online Marketplaces for Finding Dropshipping Products

10 Top Online Marketplaces for Finding Dropshipping Products

Best online marketplaces for dropshipping products

best online marketplaces for dropshipping products and analyzing the pros and cons of each from the perspective of dropshippers:

Dropshipping has exploded in popularity as an ecommerce business model, allowing entrepreneurs to sell products online without maintaining their own inventory. A vast range of online marketplaces have emerged as ideal platforms for dropshipping a variety of products with ease.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the leading online marketplaces for sourcing dropshipping products and examine the unique pros and cons of each one from the dropshipper perspective. The marketplaces we will be evaluating include:

  • AliExpress
  • Wish
  • Oberlo
  • Salehoo
  • Spocket
  • Doba
  • Modalyst
  • Inventory Source
  • Worldwide Brands
  • Megagoods

For each marketplace we will analyze key factors like supplier reliability, product selection, order fulfillment, ease of use, fees and commissions, support for dropshippers, and much more. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the top marketplaces, you can determine which options align best with your ecommerce store and business goals. Let’s get started!


AliExpress is a global retail marketplace owned by Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba Group. It connects dropshippers to suppliers and manufacturers primarily located in China. AliExpress offers:

  • Massive range of affordable products spanning many categories
  • Manufacturers, wholesalers, trading companies
  • Minimum order quantities as low as 1 unit
  • Free branded storefronts for sellers
  • Purchase protection and dispute resolution

AliExpress has established itself as one of the most popular platforms for ecommerce entrepreneurs to source inventory due to its incredibly wide selection and basement bottom prices. But there are some downsides to weigh as well when it comes to reliably fulfilling and shipping orders in a timely manner.

Pros of AliExpress for Dropshipping

  • Huge selection of products across almost every category
  • Rock bottom pricing on goods straight from Chinese suppliers
  • Many vendors offer free shipping through ePacket delivery
  • Ability to order product samples before reselling
  • Direct communication with suppliers via messaging
  • Supplier verification ratings help identify trusted sources
  • Registration is free for dropshippers
  • Instant checkout using Alipay partners with US payment processors
  • Add preferred suppliers to Favorite Contacts for easy reordering
  • Fulfilled by AliExpress storage options available

Cons of AliExpress for Dropshipping

  • Long shipping times from China to USA and other countries (2-6 weeks)
  • Counterfeit products exist; risk of trademark infringement
  • Communication issues due to language barriers
  • Need to carefully vet suppliers for reliability and quality
  • Limited payment options for customers – no PayPal
  • Difficult to build brand trustshipping from China
  • Size and color mismatches common
  • No backend inventory management or order tracking
  • Can take time to resolve issues due to Chinese New Year and other holidays
  • Timezone differences make communication difficult

In summary, AliExpress gives dropshippers access to incredibly cheap products straight from Chinese manufacturers and suppliers. But long shipping times, vetting unreliable vendors, and potential quality concerns make it risky for beginners. With care taken to find trusted suppliers, there is major money to be saved sourcing inventory through AliExpress.


Wish is an ecommerce platform that connects Chinese manufacturers with buyers worldwide wishing to purchase affordable goods. The website and app feature a wide selection of mass-produced items at the lowest prices on the internet. For dropshippers, Wish provides:

  • Mobile-first platform with app for streamlined buying
  • Over 300 million active users buying discounted products
  • Mainly Chinese suppliers and manufacturers
  • Huge range of inexpensive goods
  • Minimal fees and commissions
  • Packaged deals for new accounts to test selling

Wish built its user base by making ultra-cheap shopping from China accessible to the masses. The platform offers major money-saving potential for dropshippers focused on cost savings above all else. But poor shipping times and questionable quality control can turn off customers.

Pros of Wish for Dropshipping

  • Enormous buyer audience drawn to discounted products
  • Very low supplier prices on goods importing from China
  • No monthly fees, just small commission on sales
  • Packaged deals make trialing dropshipping easy
  • Wish Local allows fast shipping of top products domestically

Cons of Wish for Dropshipping

  • Long 2-3 week standard shipping from China
  • Frequent complaints about poor product quality
  • Highly competitive low prices means thin margins
  • Lack of supplier reputation ratings or metrics
  • Minimal support provided to sellers and dropshippers
  • Highly incentivized reviews often unreliable
  • Difficult for branding beyond a basic storefront
  • Longer processing and delivery times
  • Risk of counterfeit merchandise

Overall, Wish offers an easy way to tap into its millions of deal-seeking buyers through affordable Chinese goods. But shipping lags and quality concerns often result in negative customer experiences that damage dropshipping businesses. With extra vetting of suppliers and setting of expectations, the incredible order volume Wish drives can outweigh its deficiencies.


Oberlo is a platform built specifically to help ecommerce businesses source, import, and fulfill orders using dropshipping suppliers. The plug-in integrates directly with online store builders like Shopify for streamlined workflow. Oberlo offers:

  • Direct Shopify integration for easy store setup
  • Catalog of pre-vetted suppliers and products to browse
  • Automated order/inventory management
  • Assisted supplier onboarding and contracting
  • Payment processing and tracking number uploading

For those new to dropshipping, Oberlo makes launching a compliant Shopify dropshipping store and fulfilling orders simple even with no experience required. But the limited supplier selection and backend automation creates little room for customization.

Pros of Oberlo for Dropshipping

  • Fully automates inventory, payments, tracking info between suppliers and Shopify
  • Fast assisted supplier signup built right into Shopify site
  • Pre-vetted suppliers and products to choose from
  • Handling of returns and refunds through Oberlo portal
  • Guidance provided on store setup and optimizing sales
  • Automatic inventory updates and processing
  • Support team assists with supplier issues and disputes
  • Allows importing reviews from AliExpress to Shopify

Cons of Oberlo for Dropshipping

  • Much smaller supplier and product selection vs. alternatives
  • Difficult to customize workflow or use external suppliers
  • Forced to use Shopify, no integration with other platforms
  • Monthly cost for subscription plan on top of Shopify fees
  • Limited control over order processing and communications
  • Little flexibility in branding or customizing the store
  • No assistance marketing products or driving traffic

Oberlo makes launching a basic dropshipping store on Shopify extremely beginner friendly. But the walled garden ecosystem and limited supplier options leave little room for expansion as your business grows. Overall, Oberlo excels at plug-and-play automation for new stores that meet its requirements.


Salehoo is a wholesale and dropshipping directory connecting ecommerce sellers to verified suppliers offering inventory at discounted rates. For dropshippers, Salehoo provides:

  • Directory of over 8,000 pre-vetted suppliers
  • Searchable product catalog with over 1.6M items
  • Supplier research tools including reviews and ratings
  • Guidance on running a successful dropshipping business
  • Forums and resources for dropshipping advice
  • Discount shipping rates through partnerships

Salehoo focuses heavily on supplier verification and partnerships with major commerce platforms to reduce the risks and friction of dropshipping. However, the platform does come with a monthly paid subscription.

Pros of Salehoo for Dropshipping

  • Established platform with over 150,000 members
  • Comprehensive supplier directory with 8,000+ options
  • Detailed supplier profiles including reviews and ratings
  • Support team provides guidance for beginners
  • Useful tools for product research and competitor analysis
  • Forums offer dropshipping advice from experienced sellers
  • Partnerships with major carriers for discounted shipping
  • Integration with leading ecommerce platforms

Cons of Salehoo for Dropshipping

  • Monthly fee of $67 for membership access
  • Requires manual work syncing orders across platforms
  • Primarily wholesale suppliers vs. individual product sources
  • Extra costs if using non-partnered ecommerce platforms
  • Dropshippingkit setup guides focus on Shopify mainly
  • For clothing, focus is more on wholesale than print-on-demand
  • Product catalog limited compared to AliExpress and others

Salehoo has built an impressive suite of tools and resources for dropshippers through strong supplier verification and partnerships. But it focuses primarily on wholesaling compared to print-on-demand, and the monthly fee limits smaller sellers. For established high-volume merchants, Salehoo is a valuable investment.


Spocket enables dropshippers to easily access and import products to sell from thousands of suppliers across the United States and Europe. It focuses on fast shipping times and high-quality merchandise. Spocket offers:

  • Thousands of suppliers based in the US and EU
  • Integration with popular ecommerce platforms
  • Tools to import product listings automatically
  • Fast shipping times from nearby suppliers
  • Curated catalogs of trending products
  • Analytics on top selling items and trends

By sourcing solely from domestic and EU suppliers, Spocket aims to provide higher reliability and faster shipping than alternatives relying on China. However, the smaller supplier pool lacks the rock bottom pricing some dropshippers target.

Pros of Spocket for Dropshipping

  • Suppliers based in the US and EU enable fast shipping
  • Seamless integration and syncing with Shopify and WooCommerce
  • Automatic product listing creation from supplier catalogs
  • Dashboard indicates top selling items and trends
  • Support team assists with onboarding and optimization
  • Can filter suppliers by location, shipping times, etc
  • Directory includes over 40,000 products to import
  • Growing platform still adding suppliers and products

Cons of Spocket for Dropshipping

  • Much smaller supplier and product selection vs. AliExpress
  • Prices on average higher than Chinese competitor marketplaces
  • $29+ monthly subscription fee to access the network
  • Manual order/communication forwarding to suppliers
  • Limited ability to vet or review suppliers upfront
  • Fewer opportunities for specialty or custom product sourcing

For dropshippers focused on providing fast shipping and better quality control, Spocket provides a sound foundation. But the smaller selection and higher fees make it less attractive for those optimizing strictly for maximum profit margins.


Doba is a marketplace providing access to US-based wholesale suppliers offering inventory at competitive rates for dropshipping online. Doba requires:

  • $49 monthly subscription for Basic plan access
  • Manual order processing through suppliers
  • Paying wholesale list price upfront per order
  • 7 day payment terms to reimburse balance

This wholesale preorder model allows price markups but creates more upfront costs and effort per order. Doba focuses on major US brands to instill customer trust.

Pros of Doba for Dropshipping

  • Direct access to major US brands and wholesalers
  • Ability to markup wholesale prices for profit margin
  • Curated products likely to sell based on trends
  • Support team assists with onboarding and optimization
  • Inventory updates and tracking numbers provided
  • Company compliance guarantees and trademark protection

Cons of Doba for Dropshipping

  • Required $49+ monthly subscription for sellers
  • Must manually contact suppliers per order
  • Paying full wholesale cost upfront before customer purchase
  • 7 day payment terms to receive balance from Doba
  • Smaller supplier and product selection than other markets
  • Difficult to pivot if chosen products don’t sell
  • Hassle of fronting inventory costs on orders

Doba appeals most to established merchants ready to work directly with US brands for steady sales volume. But the smaller selection, manual order processing, and upfront costs create more risks for new dropshipping businesses.


Modalyst is a wholesale product marketplace centered around dropshipping for online businesses. It focuses on verified suppliers with quality merchandise. Modalyst offers:

  • Curated selection of wholesale dropshipping suppliers
  • Automated order forwarding and processing
  • Support team assists dropshipper onboarding
  • Product feed integration for major ecommerce platforms
  • Modalyst app to access backend and communicate
  • Guaranteed fast shipping times

This platform aims to minimize the risks of dropshipping through verified suppliers while automating and streamlining routine backend workflow. However, it does come with a monthly subscription cost.

Pros of Modalyst for Dropshipping

  • Suppliers are hand selected and verified
  • Automates order processing and communication
  • Assigned account rep provides personalized onboarding
  • App allows messaging suppliers and tracking orders
  • Daily inventory feeds to connected ecommerce platforms
  • Guaranteed 2 day processing and fast shipping

Cons of Modalyst for Dropshipping

  • Smaller selection of curated brands and suppliers
  • Monthly fees of $50+ for subscription plans
  • Must use Modalyst app for backend management
  • Pricing not as cheap as AliExpress or Wish
  • Limited ability to vet suppliers upfront
  • Difficult to customize workflow or processes

For those wanting reliable automation with reputable brands, Modalyst provides a proven plug-and-play backend solution. But the monthly costs and smaller selection pool make it less attractive to new sellers optimizing primarily for massive choice and bottom dollar pricing.

Inventory Source Overview

Inventory Source is a service providing access to certified US dropshipping suppliers with millions of products available to import. It focuses on reputable American brands. Inventory Source offers:

  • Pre-vetted US brands approved for dropshipping
  • Millions of products to import to major ecommerce platforms
  • Automation syncs product listings, inventory, orders
  • Account management and onboarding support
  • Guaranteed shipping within 1-4 business days

For US-based dropshippers wanting to source American products with fast shipping, Inventory Source provides reliable suppliers and automation. But niche importers may prefer a wider selection of international vendors.

Pros of Inventory Source for Dropshipping

  • Exclusive access to major approved US brands
  • Huge range of products from American suppliers
  • Automates product listings and order data
  • Account manager assists with onboarding
  • Fast domestic shipping from US warehouses
  • Supplier compliance guarantees
  • No subscription fees, just sales commissions

Cons of Inventory Source for Dropshipping

  • Does not facilitate working with international suppliers
  • Limited niche or exotic products sourcing options
  • Higher pricing than importing from China
  • Must use integrated ecommerce platforms
  • Inability to review or vet suppliers in advance
  • Additional sales commissions per order

For American brands targeting US-based customers, Inventory Source is a sound choice for worry-free automation and compliance. But importers wanting exotic goods or ultra-low costs may need to broaden their search.

Worldwide Brands Overview

Worldwide Brands provides a directory of certified and verified manufacturers and wholesalers approved for online retail and dropshipping. It focuses on reputable suppliers across the globe. Features include:

  • 16 million products across range of categories
  • Pre-screened suppliers confirmed for authenticity
  • Search tool to find and communicate with vendors
  • Guidance on starting an online retail business
  • Latest news and advice from ecommerce experts
  • No listing fees, monthly fees or sales commissions

This established platform makes it easy to identify legitimate wholesale suppliers and manufacturers for niche sourcing needs. However, each supplier has unique order minimums and programs.

Pros of Worldwide Brands for Dropshipping:

  • Established platform operating since 1999
  • Millions of wholesale products across all categories
  • Supplier verification process ensures legitimacy
  • Tools to effectively communicate with suppliers
  • Expert advice useful for new entrepreneurs
  • No subscription or fees beyond small joining cost
  • Support team assists with sourcing questions

Cons of Worldwide Brands for Dropshipping:

  • No automation – manual supplier communication
  • Research required on suppliers’ unique order minimums
  • Lacks reviews or ratings for suppliers
  • Primarily wholesalers not dropship only
  • May source overseas adding shipping lags
  • Less suitable for very high volume workflows

For niche imported products not easily found elsewhere, Worldwide Brands excels at matching merchants to qualified global suppliers. But establishing custom arrangements takes extra work unsuitable for all dropshippers.


Megagoods provides a directory of verified dropshipping suppliers and wholesale distributors based in the United States. It focuses exclusively on US-based sources for fast shipping. Megagoods offers:

  • Curated directory of US suppliers
  • Ability to communicate with distributors
  • Guidance on identifying quality suppliers
  • Ecommerce platform integration
  • Blog providing tips for store optimization
  • Wholesale lists for negotiating bulk rates

This niche platform suits US-based dropshippers wanting domestic suppliers for fast order fulfillment. But the smaller pool lacks the massive product selection of wider marketplaces.

Pros of Megagoods for Dropshipping:

  • Specialized focus on verified US suppliers only
  • Ability to contact and pre-vet potential partners
  • Guidelines for finding reliable suppliers
  • Integration with various ecommerce platforms
  • Base directory free to access without subscription
  • Wholesale lists useful for negotiating rates

Cons of Megagoods for Dropshipping:

  • Much smaller supplier selection vs. wider markets
  • No automation for syncing product data or orders
  • Primarily wholesale providers vs. print-on-demand
  • Fewer affordable niche imported product options
  • Limited ability to compare vendors
  • Suppliers may have high order minimums

For US brands targeting domestic customers, Megagoods provides a sound supplier directory. But importers wanting exotic goods or automation may need to expand their search to additional channels.


We have now evaluated the unique pros, cons and tradeoffs of the top 10 online marketplaces for accessing dropshipping suppliers and inventory.

While platforms like AliExpress provide rock bottom pricing and massive selection, shipping lags and unreliable suppliers can frustrate shoppers. Meanwhile, services like Oberlo offer plug-and-play automation for dropshipping novices but less product choice and customization.

Consider factors like target customers, shipping times, product margins vs volume, automation needs, and niche categories to determine the best marketplace alignment for your ecommerce business goals. Carefully weigh benefits against drawbacks.

Don’t rely on a single channel – diversify suppliers across multiple marketplaces to access the widest range of products, ensure inventory continuity, and source the best deals. With an optimized supplier mix, dropshipping entrepreneurs can build a profitable online business scaling up to high order volumes.

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